I own a fine small Studio at Mattenhofstrasse 5 in Bern, The M5 Studio, below some Infos and pictures

The Control Room is treated and well balanced after a professional acoustical measurments from Thomas Scheichl / Tomtechnik.

The back of the room can additionally be used for Overdubs, so is another room next door available if isolated recordings for amps are required. I happen to use different studio locations in the Bern area if there is a need to record whole bands or drums and then come back to my place for overdubs and mixes. Also I have a mobile setup for live recordings.

Along with a fine small collection of new and vintage microphones I use Neve, API oder Focusrite preamps. The BURL 2×32 Summing Unit ads a dimensional and glued analog feel to the mixes.  As far as mixing I am running a ProTools Rig with two Avid S1 fader controller to give me a maximum of control to work efficiently. The Barefoot Footprint 02 Speakers along with the Crane Avocet converter will deliver a reliable impression of what a mix will sound like out in the real and the virtual world.